Official Music Video for Dress Less Beautiful (The Button Moulder, 2013) Directed by Ronnie MAG Larsen 

Official Music Video for Frontline (Rhetoric, 2011) Directed by Egil Olsen 

Official Music Video for Landing (Rhetoric, 2011) Directed by Egil Olsen 

Got None (Robert Post, 2005) Live TV, Taratata, Paris (December, 2005)

Video Diary of Try The Best You Can (Disarm & Let Go, 2009) Edit by Robert Post

Beirut (Disarm & Let Go, 2009) Live at Lydverket Spanderer, Oslo (February 2009)

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I did a cover version of Guns N’ Roses – November Rain for the Norwegian Church Aid’s project “landeplager” (a song sweeping across the nation like a plague, can also refer to actual natural disasters) to tell our government that the only form of plagues we want are musical ones.