It’s been 10 years since my eponymous debut. So it’s an anniversary! I will celebrate. I will update old posts with memorabilia. And I will write new posts – heck of a lot more often then in recent years. I am recording a new studio album – “Without A Shield” – with producer Lars Voldsdal.Continue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015”


The venue is confirmed. On February 16 we are playing songs from ‘The Button Moulder’ and launching the music video for Dress Less Beautiful at Naustet & Lanternen in Oslo. And let’s not forget to announce that the music video director is the ever so good Ronnie MAG Larsen. First music video to be releasedContinue reading “DRESS LESS BEAUTIFUL”


I put together a video of live pics from the day of the show at Ocean Sound Recordings in July, 2010. Featuring pics of myself, violinist Lise Voldsdal, backing vocalist Ragnhild Giskeødegård, guitar/banjo/pedal steel-player Kristian Blø Olsen and engineer Eyvinn Magnus Solberg. Also including various shots of the surrounding area of the studio on theContinue reading “GOT VIDEO”


I am at my family’s cabin writing and recording songs for my two upcoming albums. I shower outdoors and catch my own fish for dinner. It’s very quiet – it’s only me deep in the woods in the middle of Norway. The songs are all coming together very nicely… Best, -ropo Photos from my InstagramContinue reading “DEEP IN THE WOODS”


On February 20 I posted this on Facebook. So I guess I had to do it. Listen in context of the dogme-like way of which I was producing it. I haven’t used any other recording equipment than the built-in microphone on my Mac and a few software instruments. It was quite a stressful recording situationContinue reading “THE BUTTON MOULDER’S WALTZ”

IT’S NEVER GONNA BE PERFECT (the story behind the duet)

I just found the original sketch and lyrics for a song from the Ocean Sessions EP (2007). Back in 2006 when I was writing for a follow-up EP to my eponymous debut album, I was thinking of doing a duet with someone. Going through different demos and songs that I had laying around I cameContinue reading “IT’S NEVER GONNA BE PERFECT (the story behind the duet)”


I have sent the RHETORIC master and artwork to manufacturing. Been struggling all week with the sequencing of this album, sometimes a tough nut to crack. After exchanging views on this with my good friend Egil Olsen and my girlfriend, who’s occasionally been working as a DJ and therefor has this natural hunch about the order ofContinue reading “ARTWORK AND NEW VIDEO”


Happy New Year to y’all! I hope you are as excited about the new year as I am. And that Christmastide have been treating you very well! For me it’s been a rollercoaster ride since I began recording new songs on the 23rd of Dec (not a very good idea) in between Christmas family partiesContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR COMPETITION”


Ugg ugg, Is it so that every little lie can make huge differences with time? I just got home from, guess what, another three days in a car and a lot of ferries. It’s been a lot of fruit and booze, which causes earthquakes in my belly. And I met Kurt Nilsen look-alike “X” (I don’tContinue reading “FAKE KURT NILSEN SIGNATURE”