I am currently working on my fifth studio album. Here are some titles for you… What Has Become Of Me? (…) Without A Shield // Old Hat (!) Devil’s Game — Love /// 29.5 Days Modern Needs ;;; Be Mine -/- Time – to Love Again … pride “”” Do NOT run Empty /// don’tContinue reading “SONG TITLES”


It’s been 10 years since my eponymous debut. So it’s an anniversary! I will celebrate. I will update old posts with memorabilia. And I will write new posts – heck of a lot more often then in recent years. I am recording a new studio album – “Without A Shield” – with producer Lars Voldsdal.Continue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015”


I have had some requests about making this song available for the public. And it is one of those songs people search my website for. Now I have uploaded the song on my SoundCloud page for you to check out. The song was originally recorded for the Ocean Sessions EP but only released as aContinue reading “WITHOUT A HEART I’D RATHER DIE”

IT’S NEVER GONNA BE PERFECT (the story behind the duet)

I just found the original sketch and lyrics for a song from the Ocean Sessions EP (2007). Back in 2006 when I was writing for a follow-up EP to my eponymous debut album, I was thinking of doing a duet with someone. Going through different demos and songs that I had laying around I cameContinue reading “IT’S NEVER GONNA BE PERFECT (the story behind the duet)”