The tour is over. I have so many shows that I haven’t written about. And so much material taped on video and so many pictures taken. So many people to thank. I will have to sit down when home in my flat in Ålesund and edit it all. Then post it.

It’s been 19 shows this month. It’s been all over the land. From the Isle of Bute in Scotland, through Pontypridd in Wales, Brighton in the South and of course London. Then all these cities too: Plymouth, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Newbury, Oxford, Wargrave, Windsor, Cambridge, Leicester. And just before I left; Ålesund and Stavanger in Norway.

I played these songs: There’s One Thing, Got None, Silence Makes Him Sick, More & More, New Born, Everything Is Fine, Ocean & A Tear, Come Home, Far Away From This Town, Don’t Mess It Up, Message, It’s Never Gonna Be Perfect, Out Of Skills, Without A Heart I’d Rather Die, Perfect, Try The Best You Can, She Knows What Boy She’s After, No One Cares, Bigger Numbers, Beirut, Choice Marks The Master From The Fool, Bend The Rules and Frontline.

I guess that pretty much cover all my released material to date. Plus a few more.

I have already started the work on getting back on the road again. The summer will see me doing a few but really great festivals with my band, a couple of opening nights with Jason Mraz and the Norwegian leg of the European tour this autumn will take place from mid-August through all of September, meaning we are going to be 6 weeks on the road in Norway. Then mainland Europe, before I return, and this time with the Extended Band, to the UK in November and December doing bigger venues and bigger sound.

I cannot wait.

All the best,